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 A Holistic Approach To Healing

"Sound Healing is the intentional use of sound to create a environment which becomes a catalyst for healing in the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual aspects of our being." - Zacciach Blackburn


Take time to relieve stress, find inner peace and balance through the transformative power of sound. During a sound healing session. Sound Healer, Kelvin Young utilizes the Crystal and metal singing bowls, gong, chimes, tinghas, ocean drum, rattles, hand drum and the voice to activate your parasympathetic nervous system to calm your mind, relax your body, feel your emotions and nourish your soul. 


The meditative sounds promote healing from chronic stress, muscle tension, physical pain, feelings of anxiety, depression, PTSD, sleep issues, addictive behaviors, unprocess trauma and other stress-related chronic health conditions. 

Community Sound Healing Sessions:

*Private Group sessions (up to 3 people) are also available for $125.00

5 Ways Sound Healing Can Help You:

In this short video, Tony Nec, the Principal of the Sound Healing Academy, demonstrates five integral sound healing techniques you can use to:

1) Reduce physical pain

2) Calm your mind

3) Release emotional pressure

4) Transform your consciousness

5) Realize the true essence of who you really are

View the video now to discover how sound healing can help you and your loved ones today!

Learn more about how and why the integral approach we use at the Sound Healing Academy is so effective: